Keg Fridge & Beer Packages.

Owning your own keg fridge has never been easier, or more affordable! Come down to the brewery if you'd like to check out the different keg fridge setups we have on display. Sample some of our craft beer while you're at it!

Laughing Lizard can now offer our members special pricing on new keg fridge builds. All you need to do is chat with our experts, to choose a package that suits your needs.

We highly recommend going with the Series X Kegerator. This is the latest generation of kegerator with better insulation and efficiency. They will also store an additional 19L keg, up to four in total.

We also offer an assembly service. Have your new keg fridge delivered to our brewery, for it to be assembled checked and ready to drink. Pricing includes assembly.

Majority of the components of the fridge can be customized to your needs, so if the options below don't fit your requirements reach out to us.

If you have any questions about the available options or you're ready to have us configure the fridge for you, please get in touch!

Build your fridge

Kegerator Series X Packages.

These also include a full 2.6kg gas bottle, with a MK4 pressure regulator.

Two Tap, Two Keg



Three Tap, Three Keg



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Build your fridge


19L Stainless Steel Keg



2.6kg CO2 Gas Cylinder