Share Board.

This is the monthly brew sharing board available to our members. Beer twice as nice, and half the price. Fill bottles, kegs and growlers with our preservative free beers!

Each share portion is equivalent to 8.3 litres. Or 24x of 345ml bottles (One carton of stubbies).

There are 6 share portions in a brew. The total volume for one monthly brew is 50L.

I'm new,
How does it work?

Choose the beer you want brewed for the month!

Your name can be added to an existing portion, for a share that is not yet filled. Or you can choose a beer and start a new shared brew!

The share board will be updated between 8am & 10am most days. It will be a first in, serve allocation. Please double check the board, to ensure you're in the correct brew and to save bottling dates.

All share members will be contacted by the FRIDAY of the week, before that your beer is ready. Please check the web site and your e-mails regularly!


All shared brews will be filtered, only when 6 portions have been filled. Shared brews will be ready for bottling Thursdays onward, after receiving an email from us.

Please be aware that we need your share bottled or kegged in this time frame. If you are using kegs they need to be at the brewery, prior to the Tuesday on the bottling week. Please check the board regularly to confirm your bottling dates.