CO2 Gas Bottle Refills.

We offer same day refills for all sizes of CO2 (carbon dioxide) gas bottles. Bring in your chilled gas bottle and we can fill it while you wait, right here on the Gold Coast. Otherwise, please allow up to an hour wait to have your bottle filled. Especially on a hot day!

Why CO2?

CO2, or carbon dioxide, is the preferred gas for dispensing beer from a keg for several important reasons. Firstly, CO2 is inert and doesn't react with the beer, ensuring that the flavour and quality of the brew remain unchanged during dispensing.

Additionally, CO2 is easily dissolved in liquid, making it ideal for carbonating beer to the desired level of fizziness. Its precise control allows brewers to maintain consistent carbonation levels across different batches.

Moreover, CO2 is readily available, safe, and cost-effective, making it a practical choice for breweries and bars. It also offers the advantage of a clean taste and a smooth, effervescent pour, enhancing the overall drinking experience for beer enthusiasts.


  • 540g - $16

  • 940g - $18

  • 1.2kg - $20

  • 2.3kg - $31

  • 2.5kg - $33

  • 2.6kg - $35

  • 4.5kg - $55

  • 6kg - $67

  • 6.8kg - $77

  • 9kg - $91

  • 10kg - $102

Soda Stream Refills.

  • 330g - $12

  • 400g - $15

Other Refills.

In addition to the above, we also offer other various bottle refills to suit your industry needs. If in doubt, get in touch to see if we can fill your bottle.